Chartering a survey boat from Post Workboats

Post Workboats has extensive experience with conducting surveys safely and efficiently with the help of an RIB. At locations all over the world, our RIBs have mapped the seabed around ports, offshore windmill parks and other water projects. Survey boats can be used for civil, environmental and hydrographic studies. RIBs are highly manoeuvrable, stable and easy to transport to wherever they are needed. This makes an RIB the ideal tool to use while inspecting structures on and beneath the water.

Are you looking to charter one of Post Workboats’ RIBs for your survey activities? Contact us directly by calling 0527-681667 or fill out the contact form.

At Post Workboats, safety and quality are our key concerns. We can help if you want to conduct a thorough and reliable survey on the water. The crews of our high-quality survey boats have extensive experience with using survey equipment. Before we get started, we will sit down with you to discuss the applicable conditions and guidelines so you know exactly what to expect.

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