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Our fleet of RIBs is standing by to provide support for all your projects on the water. Our crew is highly experienced and we are convinced that we can leverage our experience to contribute to your project’s success.

Working safely on the water

For us, safety always comes first! You can trust Post Workboats to always operate in a neat, qualitative and careful manner. We are proud of what we do and eager to tell you more about what we can contribute to your project.

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Charter and sale of Tornado RIBs

At Post Workboats, you can buy or charter Tornado RIBs. When you charter our RIBs, we can offer you our full range of services for your project. From transport to personnel: we have everything you need!

Our services

RIBs can be used to support a wide variety of projects. We are happy to assist you with your project. Post Workboats knows exactly what type of RIB is best suited for your project. Our extensive fleet made up of different types of RIBs can be used for myriad activities. For example, we offer cabin RIBs which – as their name suggests – include a cabin. This type of RIB is perfect for use in poor weather conditions and to protect vulnerable equipment. We have extensive experience with crew tendering, dive support, soil research, tugging services, inspections, security and more.

Security boats
Coach boats
Crew Tendering
Film and media boats
Rib Charter
Shipping support
Survey boats
Safety boats

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