Buy Tornado or Gemini RIBs

The RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) made by Tornado Boats and Gemini are renowned for their versatility. They are used for rescue operations at sea, customs patrols and even in military operations. They offer reliable performance, even under the most difficult circumstances. It should therefore come as no surprise that they are a popular choice among experienced private boat lovers as well. At Post Workboats, you can experience the raw power of an RIB during one of our test drives. Afterwards, we can customise your RIB however you want.

Buying an RIB as a professional

The unique properties of an RIB are becoming increasingly popular among professional water sports athletes. Their light weight, excellent buoyancy and unrivalled experience make RIBs into highly desirable watercraft. An RIB performs particularly well in choppy waters. However, that does not mean an RIB isn’t comfortable as well; in fact, it can be equipped to offer everything you need for a comfortable experience. At Post Workboats, we can customise RIBs to our client’s specifications. There are myriad possibilities in terms of both equipment and appearance. Are you a water sports enthusiast who likes to do things your own way, push your limits and truly enjoys being out on the water? An RIB from Post Workboats is perfect for you!

Try before you buy

At Post Workboats, we pride ourselves on the experience we offer. If you are thinking about buying an RIB, we are happy to take you out on the water first. We always have an RIB standing by for a spectacular test drive. Our showroom is located in the heart of the port of Urk, so we can hit the water immediately! With our years of experience, we can offer you the best advice, tailored to your specific wishes and boating style.