Custom-made RIBs from Post Workboats

At Post Workboats, you can not only charter or buy standard RIBs. We also offer fully customised RIBs that satisfy our clients’ every need. With our years of experience with RIBs, we know exactly how to translate our clients’ wishes into practical solutions. In addition to servicing the professional market, we also assist serious private water sports enthusiasts. Safety always comes first for us and is a critical aspect throughout the entire process.

We build the perfect RIBs

An RIB is one of the most versatile watercraft available. One of the reasons for this versatility is the great degree of customisation that is possible while building an RIB. For example, you can choose how many seats you want your new RIB to have, what equipment you need on board and how powerful the motor should be. It is even possible to add a cabin to an RIB, so that it can be used in practically all weather conditions.

RIBs with powerful outboard motors

Depending on the purpose of the RIB and the water it will be used on, you need a more or less powerful motor. At Post Workboats, we specialise in supplying outboard motors with 150 HP or more. We know exactly how much power you need for your specific purpose and are happy to offer you tailor-made advice.

Buying a custom-made RIB from Post Workboats

Are you interested in an RIB from Post Workboats? Feel free to contact us via or by calling 0527-681667. The first thing we will do is go over your wishes in detail. Based on what you need and want, we will draw up our proposal for your ideal RIB.