Gemini RIBs from Post Workboats

One of the brands we love most at Post Workboats is Gemini. This brand has been building top-quality RIBs for governments, the military, marine police and emergency services since 1979. Gemini’s multifunctional RIBs can be used for a wide range of activities.

If you are looking for a new RIB, Gemini is one of the top brands to choose from. At Post Workboats, we can customise your new RIB to ensure it is fully tailored to your wishes. An RIB from Post Workboats is suitable for practically all types of work on the water. Its stability, sturdiness and exceptional durability make it a safe and reliable vessel for all your projects!

All our RIBs are container fit, ensuring they can easily be transported to destinations all over the world.

We can supply the following Gemini RIBs: