Crew Tendering by Post Workboats

Are you looking for a way to quickly and safely transport your staff over the water? A RIB is the perfect solution. At Post Workboats, we frequently operate as crew tender for offshore and onshore projects. For example, we can ferry your staff from one ship to another or transport them to and from windmill parks at sea or in ports. Our RIBs can also be used to deliver supplies and transport other equipment. Safety is critical and we therefore not only provide a safe boat, but also the right life jackets, helmets and other essential equipment. Of course, our crew have received emergency response training and every ship is equipped with a first-aid kit.

We can provide our crew tendering services anywhere in the world.  Would you like to make use of our services? Contact us directly by calling 0527-681667 or fill out the contact form.

Before we get started, we will discuss your wishes and determine what RIB is best suited to your specific needs. Next, we will select the right crew to ensure you can begin using our crew tendering services in no time at all.

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