Chartering a coach boat from Post Workboats

At Post Workboats, we love nothing more than water sports!  That might explain our heavy involvement in chartering coach boats for major sailing competitions, surfing contests or other water sports. From a coach boat, coaches are better able to direct and support their team. Alternatively, these boats can be used to make sure a competition proceeds safely and to issue signals to participants. Our staff are familiar with the rules of all water sports and they have extensive experience with providing assistance during events on the water. Furthermore, safety is a key concern for us and we can immediately take action if anything goes awry. In other words, we are your experienced, full-service partner for your water event!

Are you looking for a fully crewed RIB to support your water sports event?  Contact us directly by calling 0527-681667 or fill out the contact form.

Before we go to work for you, we will first go over the competition together. We will discuss the conditions and determine what boat is best suited for your event. We use a playbook to make sure everything goes as planned.

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