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Post Workboats has an extensive fleet of professional RIBs suitable for various purposes. These multifunctional boats are perfect for myriad activities on the water. We use our RIBs for various types of work on the water. Think of e.g. tugging boats, crew tendering, seismological research, assisting during sports competitions, film shoots, etcetera.

This page contains an overview of our fleet of RIBs. These boats can be chartered for various activities on the water. As not every RIB has the same specifications, it is important to consider what RIB is best suited for your desired purpose. Contact us if you have any doubts, so we can help you find the perfect RIB for your project.

All of Post Workboats’ RIBs come equipped with a modern and environmentally friendly four-stroke Yamaha outboard motor, marine radio, GPS with chart plotter, depth gauge, navigation lighting, hydraulic controls, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, anchor, lifting rings and registration. Of course, our boats are also covered by all-risk insurance.

All our RIBs are container fit, ensuring they can easily be transported to destinations all over the world.

Our fleet consists of the following ships: