Chartering a workboat from Post Workboats

Our name says it all. When it comes to workboats, Post Workboats is the place to be. We have more than thirty years of experience with supporting projects on the water. We can supply a variety of RIBs. Our fleet of RIBs consists of various types, ensuring we always have the right type of RIB for your project. We can assist with e.g. construction activities, offshore activities, (crew) tendering and pilotage.

I am interested in a workboat from Post Workboats

Are you interested in chartering one of Post Workboats’ workboats? Contact us directly by calling 0527-681667 or fill out the contact form.

We will first determine what type of RIB is best suited to your needs. Next, we will devise a plan to help us get the job done as efficiently as possible. 

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