If you have an emergency with your pleasure craft on the IJsselmeer or the surrounding bodies of water, Post Workboats has a fleet ready 24 hours a day, which can immediately sail in the event of an emergency. Whether it concerns towing assistance or repairs, we are at your service. The Post Workboats emergency number: +31(0)6-55.824.872.

Post Workboats has all the knowledge, experience and materials on board to offer professional assistance.

Post Workboats has been a reliable partner of boat insurance companies and damage experts for more than 30 years. For this reason, towing and salvage costs are practically always covered. Our customers therefore never have to worry about the costs. In addition, we offer our customers priority with repairs to their boot and we ensure that the holiday or boat trip can be continued as soon as possible. Post Workboats arranges the settlement directly with your insurance company.

Don't hesitate, call us now: +31(6)-55.824.872.

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    Hans Leerdam from Ermelo was enjoying a lovely sailing holiday with his wife and two dogs in September 2012, when he got into some considerable trouble with his barge the ‘Vrouwe Aaltje’ on the IJsselmeer. Luckily the Post Workboats’ towing assistance (create a link) provided a solution.

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