The adventurous water sports enthusiast has known it for years: Tornado Boats ribs are the crème de la crème. Ribs (rigid inflatable boats) are known for their versatility. Tornado ribs are used all over the globe for a great range of activities on the water. From rescue operations at sea to coast guard activities, from customs patrol to military operations. The rib is a true workhorse and possesses everything required for professional actions under extremely severe and difficult circumstances. If you are looking for a reliable, solid piece of equipment, the Tornado ribs from Post Workboats offer you every possibility.

The private market is also increasingly appreciating the special properties of ribs. The light weight, the high buoyancy and the ultimate sailing experience make ribs very popular vessels. A rib is most at home in turbulent waters. However, comfort and convenience may play just as important a part when equipping the rib. The Post Workboats ribs can be supplied in any colour and model. Water sports enthusiasts who enjoy stepping outside of their comfort zone, push their limits and put the sailing experience first, opt for a rib.

Anyone who purchases a rib is looking for the ultimate sailing experience. Post Workboats would be more than happy to provide you with this sailing experience and has a rib ready at all times for a sea trial, just for these occasions. Our showroom is located in the centre of the Urk harbour area. With over 35 years of experience with ribs we can provide you with the best advice to suit your needs.

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    Braveheart Shipping BV is a maritime company located on Urk. The company has specialised in hydrographical and seismological research, survey activities, crew tendering and oil detection.

    Braveheart Shipping works for various (inter)national customers such as Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Van Oord Nederland and Royal Boskalis Westminster.

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