Ribs are deployed for various types of activities taking place on water. From inspection to training and from repair to construction. Are you having problems relating to capacity and are you looking for additional temporary equipment? Are you looking to use ribs for rescue activities, towing, sounding or supervising events, then Post Workboats will be glad to provide the necessary service. If required, we will also take care of transporting the ribs.

Working on water can become a great deal more efficient, comfortable and safer when the work is carried out with the help of ribs (= rigid inflatable boats). Post Workboats specialises in renting out the very best Tornado ribs. Are you looking for a reliable multi-purpose boat? Post Workboats would be more than pleased to be of service.

The benefits to be gained from using our ribs are endless. Our workboats have a high loading capacity, can sail under almost any circumstance and are very safe. Post Workboats has a large selection of ribs, all immediately deployable. Post Workboats also supplies customised boats, configured to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us, without any obligations.